I am a Swedish full time artist and keen collector of oriental antiques, especially Chinese ceramics. The collecting of oriental antiques is a popular field all over the world, and has been so for centuries.

Collecting in this field is fun and exciting, but also; not easy. It takes endless studies and discussions between scholars and collectors, and still one is wrong way too often! Focus in my particular collection is on Ming wares, but it holds objects from most periods.

I am lucky enough to live in a country with a lot of Chinese art, and my goal is to find pieces as cheap as possible; on flea markets, local auctions and internet. This has paid off as I have found some real gems for very low cost.

As a collector I have a hard time selling, I'm just too much in love with my pieces! However, one need to learn to sell, and that can finance new and better pieces.

Hope you will enjoy the pieces being for show, I believe sharing is an important part of collecting.
Some pieces are for sale, and can be found under each headline in the column to the right. Additional info and pictures on request.
For more information about the artist; please visit www.andersstahl.se